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Experience the unique music legacy of recorded live concerts.
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The App

A screenshot from the SISTRIS mobile application showcasing the home view of the app.A screenshot from the SISTRIS mobile application showcasing the concert view of the app.A screenshot from the SISTRIS mobile application showcasing the player view of the app.

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Relive classic live concerts from legendary artists. The SISTRIS app is in limited early access release to select people and will soon be available for iOS & Android devices.

Sistris – Our story is also our why

We had no choice – more than five decades of music conspired to bring us three together. From a back street in a Stockholm suburb, where our mothers lived next door to each other (although one of us was put up for adoption), to traveling on world tours with some of the world’s biggest artists, music has always brought us back together.
We created a group and rented out rehearsal studios that turned into a rock club. We recorded songs, went on tour and enjoyed chart success. The hours backstage nursing babies and the long hours on the road, combined with success, made us strong individually and even stronger together.
Being singers, artist managers, tour leaders, license managers, bookers, producers, concert organizers, record company directors, club owners, receptionists, background singers, models and coffee makers, allowed us to see every aspect of the music industry and made us determined to make a difference.
Working with Max Martin, Denniz Pop, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Europe, Bob Dylan, Skip Marley, Stevie Wonder, The Kinks and being a part of the ‘Swedish Music Miracle’ made us humble. Our amazing journey in the world of music has been an absolute privilege but it also comes with a responsibility.
SISTRIS is a musical legacy but it is also our own legacy. We hope that our experiences can help make the music industry a little bit better for the creators. So, we have no choice but to share this legacy with the rest of the world. Our catalog of live music, which would go unheard without SISTRIS, and our experience and network, makes this legacy possible. Music is the glue that holds us together – enjoy!


Our vision is to make the unique musical legacy of recorded live concerts available to a global audience and contribute to human well-being and longevity.


Live music is something extraordinary and has a special home between your heart and soul. Our passion is our duty to make this music legacy available to the rest of the world. We breathe music, create music and live with musicians and artists.